With RCS’s investments in digital technology, RCS will ensure that you will have the best layout, fit and the best quality stone products available in the market place. RCS is the first and only fully digitally integrated stone company in Manitoba. What does this mean to you and your project?

Proliner (Digital Templating)

RCS has invested in a digital templating system named the proliner. This top of the line digital templator has accuracy to within 0.01 inch which will ensure a perfect fit upon installation. The proliner has proven to be the most accurate, reliable, efficient and flexible solution on the market.


Slabsmith Technology

The slabsmith system integrates digital photography with the digitally controlled manufacturing process to further reduce waste, costs and to ensure that the client gets the best possible layout from their chosen material. Slabsmith takes the digital template files and integrates the files with the digital photographs of the materials. The programmer can then place the digital templates onto the digital photographs to line up the natural characteristics and color of granite (and other materials) to ensure vein match and color match at the seams.


CMS Brembana Unimax VNT CNC

(Computer Numerical Controlled)

With RCS’s continual search for improving it’s products, the next logical investment was investing in CNC technology. RCS has researched for years to find the best CNC and company to fill this need and believe they found that perfect match.

The Unimax is a fusion of CNC and saw technology. A fixed aluminum table and a fully interpolated 5 axis head along with a 40 horsepower spindle are unique in this machine design. The Unimax gives RCS the ability to saw, mill, drill, carve and polish with the same machine.

What this will mean to RCS’s clients is that they are insured that their projects will have unsurpassed quality and the best products available in the marketplace.


Green Manufacturing

(Doing our part for the environment)

Water Recycling

River City Stone is committed to the environment. Among the company’s eco-friendly practices, it has made water recycling a priority in the shop. River City Stone has recently upgraded its water treatment/water recycling system by implementing a filter set up that filters the water before it gets to the fabrication process and the machines. After the water goes through the processing, it goes back to our water tanks to go through the filtering process again. This has enabled RCS to recycle close to 100 percent of its water, although some is always lost from natural attrition, evaporation, etc. Additionally, RCS is sending its ADI CNC tooling for regrinding, getting an extra 50 percent life out of them. By redressing the tooling, less water is used on the tooling and there is less spent tooling to fill up our landfills.

Digital Processing

With River City Stone’s digital processes and manufacturing, less paper is used and there is no need
for manual templating products (cardboard, mylar, glue etc) thus helping to reduce the impact on the